Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Writer's Journey (continued)

This week has been a frenzy of answering responses to the Tampa Tribune article that came out Sat. A lot of people simply wanted to say they were inspired by the "Make a fresh start in 2009" concept and others wanted more information about the writer's workshops mentioned in the article. I directed them to my newly updated website.

And one contact was certainly unique. Would you believe there is a multi-level "healthy" chocolate company out there? A sales rep wanted me to recruit me and have me promote his product through my book, "Mom Needs Chocolate," releasing in March. I thanked him but declined, citing conflict of interest. Yeesh.

Then after all that "successful" promotion, yesterday I drove for two hours, lugged my heavy books and props about a half mile (spilled one box of books all over the sidewalk in the process), and then shouted for two hours to nearly 100 people (they didn't have a microphone and the room was large. All this effort resulted in two - count 'em - TWO book sales.

Ah, the mind-numbing roller coaster life of an author.

Do you think that will stop me? Well, maybe for a moment. Just for a good eye roll. Then it's back to the salt mines. Win a few, lose a few, but keep on digging.