Friday, January 6, 2012

Ignited to Blog

Snow-dusted flowers at our mountain cabin
I have to admit that I'm one of those people who sometimes dashes off the starting line with topnotch intentions and great expectations, and then somehow gets side-tracked completely off the racetrack onto a rabbit trail.

Blogging's like that. I start out well, faithfully posting weekly on my two blogs (besides this one primarily for writers, I keep a personal blog as well:

But then I get immersed in a writing project, most recently my book coming out in March, More Beauty, Less Beast. I begin to blog less and less frequently, and the next thing I know, it's been a month or more.

Sigh. Not good, Deb, not good.

So knowing I needed a little cyber shot in the arm, I attended a blogging workshop last night, conducted by Daphne of Torch Designs ( and was amazed by the following blogging trivia:

  • According to Neilsen, 181 million public blogs are currently in existence.
  • During the last 24-hours, 88,000 blogs were created.
  • Posts perform best on Thursdays and Fridays; worst on Saturdays.
  • The best posting times are in the early mornings, between 5-6 pm (just after work hours), and late nights when people are cruising.
  • The worst posting time is during 9-5 daytime work hours, when minds are preoccupied.

I don't know about you, but I find these facts fascinating. And motivating! With all those gazillion blogs floating around in computer world, I want mine to be one worth your time. One that stands out. One that you send your friends to.

So I'm planning to make a few changes, research what would best meet your needs as an aspiring writer, consume more roughage, and return to regularity. Well, maybe not the roughage part.

Can you give me a head start, reader friends? What are some of the things you'd like most to see in a writer's blog? More personal stories? Less? How-to's? Tips? Famous author quotes? Article references? What floats your literary boat?