Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Writers Journey Continued

Could you hear me whooping it up last Thursday afternoon? My shipment of Billowing Sails arrived not just on time but FOUR DAYS EARLY. Yea God! I somehow believe that God is in control of the universe but it surprises me when He proves He's in control of UPS.

Anyway, the past week has been a blur of filling pre-orders, visiting bookstores, and making contacts about more promotional events related to Billowing Sails. All the while in my "day job" (as a hand therapist three days/week), we're in upheaval packing for a move to a new clinic this week.

I've also been frantically working on first round edits for my spring release, Mom Needs Chocolate (different publisher than Billowing Sails) which arrived last week as well. Due date 12/29. Yikes. That would be Christmas week, wouldn't it?

And on top of it all, another mixed blessing. A while back I queried the Tampa Tribune about doing an article. Wouldn't you know, of all times, THIS week I received a call from a columnist wanting to do a piece about starting over in the new year (to run 1/3/09), featuring my Debbie Do-Over story. They're sending a photographer to my house Friday and my naked Christmas tree is still lying prone in the yard. Piles of boxed Christmas cards and unwrapped presents cover every available surface. What's a poor overwhelmed writer to do?

I know, I know. I can hear you through my keyboard. Quit grousing and get moving. I'm on my way. Until next Wednesday...