Thursday, December 11, 2008

A not to-do list

It's finals week at Penn State University where I teach writing. Students stop by my office every few minutes with their final papers. I pat the students on the back (figuratively speaking, of course. I'm probably not allowed to actually touch a student.)

I'm so good at setting deadlines for the students and smiling when they meet them and scowling when they don't. At my scowl they whine their procrastination woes.

I wag my head in disapproval.

But truth be told, their ability to procrastinate doesn't rival mine. Currently, I'm working on an article for Discipleship Journal. The editor has requested a rewrite. I told her, "Sure. ASAP!"

That was three weeks ago.

Every time, I sit to rewrite, I check email or surf the Internet. Yesterday, as I was surfing, I came across a writer's not-to-do list. Listed were the things a writer is not supposed to do when a writing project is in the works.

It made me smile. So, I've come up with my own not-to-do list. Maybe you can add your not-to-do items to it!

Do not check email.
Do not text message all your kids just to say Hi.
Do not call your sister.
Do not Google fun vacation packages.
Do not Google former high school friends.
Do not wash all the windows in your office.
Do not browse through all the pictures on your computer.
Do not listen to songs on your play list to find the perfect song to write to.
Do not go to Rachel Ray to look for new recipes to try.
Do not decide to drive up to Ann Taylor Loft to see if any sale items catch your eye.

My list could go on and on. But I have papers to grade before I can start my article revisions!

Happy Writing.