Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Edit, Edit, Edit

Different writers have different formulas for editing. Some writers edit as they go while others insist that the only way they can flow creatively is to just start writing, let the words flow and worry about the details later. It will take some time to figure out what works best for you. Most writers I have talked to fall somewhere in between.

But no matter what kind of editor you are, make sure of one thing:

NEVER allow a story to contain misspelled words or wrong grammar. Also, punctuation and format are crucial to getting your story published.

By considering yourself a professional, even if you haven‘t been published yet, you will become one.

The main thing about editing is getting rid of the fluff, the unnecessary words, characters, scenes, etc. Most writers have to create several drafts before the story is complete. Rarely will you hear of a writer, any writer, no matter how famous, who writes a story in one draft. In fact, most writers have to create at least three or four drafts of a story before they are satisfied that it is right.

Don’t be satisfied until it is...and you'll know when it is right.

Adapted from Creative Writing Tips for Beginners


susan said...

Excellent advice as I begin a blog! I'm in "small town" advertising, where several of my clients had parents who taught English. Editing your draft is like stirring the keep stirring 'til it's just right! Thanks for your work.