Thursday, October 2, 2008

Creation Joy

Is it possible that You--
The Starter: You formed the first thought.
Conceptualizer: You imagined vast possibilities.
Designer: You designed intricate details.
Engineer: You meshed all the gears.
Ignitor: You started creation.
Facilitator: You maintain every aspect in flawless performance.--

Is it possible that You will meet me in my kitchen as I sit at my table and sip my hot coffee and contemplate the day ahead?

The Bible says you will. It says that You want to meet me, that You want to come to my house, that You live in my house, but You are waiting, patiently waiting, for me to notice.

Why do you live here in the midst of yesterday's dirty dishes, piles of ungraded papers, people who forget to notice each other, people (mainly me) who are angry, petty, self-absorbed--What will I do? How will I get what I want done done? What will I write?

You could live in delight--You could constantly party in the gleeful shrieks of amusement park visitors as they plummet the roller-coaster's first plunge.

You could live in applause. You could skip round the world from concert to Broadway production to each child's first clap. That's where I'd live--in each child's first clap.

You could sprawl on beauty's banks: the Atlantic at sunrise, the Pacific at sunset.

You could dance in the relish that bikers and skiers feel as they speed downhill and the wind lustily laps their cheeks.

You could live in victory's thrill--joining sports champions or political champions in upbeat cheers and chatter.

So why visit me in my kitchen?

And while You are here, what will You do with this moment when the essence of me sits and seeks to notice the essence of You?

Will you prompt a thought? That I might write a sentence?
Will you release imaginings? That I might tell a story?
Will you let me join you in getting the details just right?

How I love to dot my i's and cross those t's...

Thank You for sharing with me the joy of creating.


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Faith you are a gifted writer.