Tuesday, October 7, 2008

8 Tips to Boost Sales

I found these suggestions from Writers Information Network and thought they were excellent tips for the aspiring writers. Well, even established authors can learn a few things. These belong to Elaine Wright Colvin.

1. Develop a marketing plan. It will force you to consider what you want to accomplish. Gather any data you need to be able to realistically assess your potential, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Brainstorm ideas that will help you accomplish your goals.

2. Track your sales and accomplishments to this point. What types of writing or subjects seem to bring your greatest success? What editors are you establishing good working relationships with? Are editors beginning to come to you with assignments?

3. Keep your resources and skills up-to-date. Are Associated Press Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style book in your library? Have you mastered query letters, book proposals, and professional manuscript presentations?

4. Improve your PR package. Are your author’s bio sketch, letterhead, and business card current? Do they portray you as a fresh, creative, out-of-the-box thinker and writer?

5. Link with other Christian writers. Plan to network with a larger group of your peers this year -- in a local critique group, online through web chat rooms or email critique groups, or attend a writers conference.

6. Take a risk -- try something new. It may mean changing your focus or area of writing. You may need to get an agent or use First Edition. Join Toastmasters and improve your speaking skills.

7. Learn more about the Publishing Industry. Take your bookstore manager to lunch. Attend CBA or EPA convention. Seek out leading Christian authors, consultants, pastors and teachers to gain a new perspective. Team up with professionals for credibility and endorsements.

8. Find a mentor -- someone who knows more about writing, publishing, and PR than you do. Learn and determine to make changes.

copyright 2000, Elaine Wright Colvin, Writers Information Network