Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Writer's Journey Continued

Isn't it motivating to hear the stories of successful writers like Suzanne's below? She's not only my friend but one of my literary heroes. And here's why:

Suzanne is humble about her talents and accomplishments, never tooting her own horn, although she should have her own symphony.

She is always gracious, even in the face of rejection and adversity.

Whenever a friend needs advice or emergency editing, she's there, dropping whatever manuscript she's working on, ignoring deadlines, giving you her undivided attention.

She's a role model for putting people ahead of productivity (something I struggle with daily). That's not to imply her kitchen is a pigsty or cobwebs wreath her closets.

She is quite knowledgeable about writing nuts and bolts and the industry itself and is willing to share that knowledge with other writers to help them succeed as well.

I thank God for leading me to my relationship with Suzanne, as well as Faith and Joanna, my other co-writers for Grit for the Oyster. We were an odd quartet, but God knew how compatible we would be, fitting us together like pieces to an unseen puzzle. You don't know what it's going to look like until suddenly, voila, it's finished and the result is a beautiful work of art!


Suzanne said...

Aw, Deb. You are way too kind. You're the one with the inner motor that leaves me in awe. Whenever I feel gripped with insecurity about promoting books (making phone calls to bookstores or churches, etc.)...I just try to pretend I'm you. You never seem to waver! A gifted writer/gifted marketer machine.