Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Writers Journey Continued

My publicist confirmed a live radio Podcast interview today. Shudder. Am I the only author who grows faint at the mere suggestion of hearing my faceless voice broadcast far and wide? Definitely NOT my best feature. Almost as bad as showing a close up of my thigh cellulite on "Impossible Make-Over."

Somehow I don't mind TV interviews as much, maybe because I feel that I can redeem my reedy, piercing, Southern-hick voice with a few well placed facial expressions. But there is no hope when the listener mentally constructs the rest of me based on my voice alone. Think Bullwinkle's Rocky meets Dolly Parton. Squeak with a twang.

My publicist has been really busy this week. Besides the Podcast, she also lined up a Choc-tastic Book Signing at my local LifeWay (my book is "Mom Needs Chocolate") and two other pending radio interviews. Fool that I am, when I heard that one of the stations was in Orlando, an hour away, without thinking, I actually OFFERED to drop by the studio and BAM! One of them went from a taped interview to live.

Anyone got any extra duct tape?

Promo is certainly keeping me hopping, and that's a good thing. I spoke at a Pen Women luncheon today and have four more gigs lined up for this week - three schools and a writers group. The good news is that they're all at Cocoa Beach/Merritt Island (the setting for my novels, "The Distant Shore" and "Billowing Sails"). The bad news is that it's supposed to be 34 degrees and windy. Bother. Guess I'll leave my bikini at home (as if I have one).

Speaking of bikini's, I casually mentioned during my writing speech today that I'd lost 40 lbs during the last year. When I opened the floor for questions later, three hands immediately shot up, all wanting to know how I lost weight. No weighty writing queries, no, only weighty weighty questions. I don't know if anybody heard a single thing I said after the weight comment. I wondered why they were all staring at my derriere.

Maybe my next book should be about weight loss. Not a bad idea, really, when you look at the gazillion media ads/articles/product pitches about that very thing. It's what people like to read and fantasize about, including me. Whereas I once wrote an article about my jumbo anatomy called, "My Cups Runneth Over," I could call my new book, "My Cups Caveth In." That was the first thing(s) to go. My heaping C-cups turned into scant teaspoons.

Okay, I'll stop lest our male readers are blushing about now.

So do I have a point to this rambling diatribe? Um, no. But it sure was fun.


Faith said...

Deb, I bet a funny book on weight loss would be a HUGE hit :-)

I'm reading a book on weight loss right now called Four Day Win. It includes a lot of new-to-me fabulous ideas.