Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Attack of the Slug Beast

Well, I lived through the dreaded radio interview this morning and the twisted knot that is my stomach is starting to unwind.

I shared with you last week about my radio phobia but my publicist doesn't seem to comprehend the magnitude of my psychosis and has scheduled yet another one for tomorrow with Reach FM (90 stations in Florida). Sigh.

I know. You're sitting there in your nice safe computer chair thinking, "Oh, get over yourself." You see? Now my psychosis is morphing into paranoia.

Actually, the two radio interviews I've done so far haven't been as bad as I anticipated. The anticipation is always worse than the actual thing we're dreading, isn't it? Except maybe an execution.

This morning a lovely lady named Takiela (pronounced like the drink)from Books-A-Latte ( if you'd like to hear the taped interview) called me about five minutes before the scheduled Podcast. We introduced ourselves and she put me on hold while she got connected to her broadcast equipment. Within about two minutes, I heard a click and then her theme music and intro. I resisted the temptation to flee. Then she introduced her special guest, me.

Boy did I feel un-special as the sweat beaded on my forehead and my dripping armpits glued my Dumbo-flap upper arm cellulite to my sides. My tongue felt about the size of that gigantic underground killer slug beast in "Tremors." Once I forgot Takiela's name and started to call her Margarita, but managed to bite the slug beast before it got all the way above ground.

Anyhow, Takiela began asking me the questions I had previously provided to my publicist, who had in turn, e-mailed these "talking points" to the host. This is how radio and TV interviews work so everyone supposedly knows what everyone else is going to say and long awkward silences are therefore avoided.

Since my brain has been leaking essential information like a sieve lately, I had somehow forgotten to have my "script" available so I ended up winging the answers off the top of my head. Thankfully, Takiela was a gracious host and did not once hint that I wasn't making any sense or repeating myself. We actually had a few genuine laughs together and bonded over our mutually pathetic choc-addictions (the book we were discussing was my upcoming March release, Mom Needs Chocolate).

I vow to be better prepared for tomorrow's interview. Yeah, right.