Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Book Tour: Day 3

A very nice review from Debra Gaynor today...she gives Grit a 5 Star rating!

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Grit for the Oyster
250 pearls of wisdom for aspiring writers

Suzanne Woods Fisher, Debora M. Coty, Faith Tibbetts McDonald, Joanna Bloss

ISBN: 9780981559223
Vintage Spirit, 2008
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 10/08
Encouragement for aspiring writers…
5 Stars

There are many called to use their talent to write for God. Unfortunately, many of them never put pen to paper. Whether from lack of encouragement, lack of self-confidence or just not knowing where to begin, these talented people never get started. Grit for the Oyster is written with Christian perspective; the focus is on answering God’s call to write. Each chapter begins with a bit of wisdom and continues with a scripture and devotion. There is a short prayer, a few reflection questions and more bits of wisdom. Grit for the Oyster is a devotional book. I was enticed from the first chapter. I now have 1 Chronicles 28:20 hanging on my wall. I have a suggestion. Some of the print is very small, too small for easy reading. I really like this book. I will keep this book close at hand.