Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's get creative

Every time we visit a beach, my husband Steve--who couldn't sit still and bask in the sun if you paid him to--creates an elaborate sand sculpture. This is one of many that he created the summer of 2006 when we vacationed at Cape Cod and frequented Coast Guard Beach.

Yet, last week when I said to him, "Let's spend the next ten years putting everything we've got into developing our creativity.

He said, "I'm not really creative."

I reminded him of the sand sculptures, the chain-saw sculpted totem pole that stands in our front yard, the could-I-create-an-invention prototypes that lay scattered on his work bench, and the silly poems he occasionally writes for our kids.

He's creative.

Creative means resulting from originality of thought, expression or imagination. I don't think it's stressed enough these days and I'm eager to find ways to encourage and develop creativity in the lives of those around me. I long to become more creative and I intend for my writing to become more creative.

I've determined that the number one hindrance to more creativity in my life is lack of time. I can't get more of that! But I'm looking for ways to carve out time to devote to practicing creativity.