Friday, November 21, 2008

Awesome Review!

A wonderful review today by As the Pages Turn.

The Review...

Have you ever wondered what prompted writers to become published authors? Have you ever wondered what force helped to shape and mold them into finding their dream and keep going when the going got rough? Wouldn’t it be cool to find that force through the mouths of established authors who will give it to you the way it really is so that you can do it, too?

The answer is Grit for the Oyster: 250 Pearls of Wisdom for Aspiring Writers by Suzanne M. Coty, Faith Tibbetts McDonald, and Joanna Bloss.

When I requested a copy of this book, I knew it had inspirational connotations and wondered just how preachy it was going to be. While I love quotes from established authors, I didn’t want it to sound like a preacher was yelling at me from the pulpit as some inspirational books tend to be.

That wasn’t the case at all. I quite enjoyed hearing about the experiences of these lovely ladies, as well as other published authors, who had mastered their craft well. While I’m not in all that Biblical stuff, the quotes they offered as advice for wannabe writers was so right on and I believe that’s their strong point.

When we read a title that says “250 pearls of wisdom for aspiring writers,” we want that wisdom and that wisdom is delivered.

Grit for the Oyster is a must-have handbook for aspiring authors. It should be read, savored and truly digested so that it will help you in finding your own writing dreams.

What I loved about this book...

I loved the way they mixed in other authors’ words of wisdom in between the chapters the girls wrote themselves. I’d almost be comfortable with the whole book like this, only we wouldn’t be able to hear the girls’ voices, of course. By mixing other authors’ quotes in with the girl’s chapters, it balances out very well and made for very enjoyable reading. The editors’ eye in me caught no typos so I give Vintage Spirit a thumbs up!

What I did not love about this book...

I tried my best to find something. Anything. Maybe the preachy tone? But that’s my personal beliefs interfering and I didn’t want to do that. So honestly, I can’t rip this book to shreds. It’s too well done, contains a lot of valuable information, and deserves a place in every author wannabe’s home as well as the bookstore shelves. I’d hate to see this one get lost in the masses. Not to sound cliche, but it’s like finding that one pearl in all those oysters out there. Good work, girls, and I hope they have more books coming out in the future. Their talent shines.