Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seven Reasons to Write for Magazines

A lot of writers have a dream of writing a book.

Not to knock books, but magazine writing might be the way to start your publishing history.

I would even argue that it is a better path. Books can take YEARS to write, even a few more years to get published. The average book, according to Publisher's Weekly, sells 500 books.

The average magazine? Thousands of subscribers!

Seven reasons you should try writing articles for magazines:

1. You sharpen your writing skills by writing concisely.
2. You are developing interview/research skills.
3. You widen your influence as a writer, since thousands more eyes will see your words. (The average magazine is passed around two to three times.)
4. You might be able to increase your earnings, since each publication will pay for the second rights (although generally less than you were paid for first rights.)
5. You develop relationships with editors new--and influential--to you.
6. You may get assigned an article from some of these editors.
7. Perhaps the most important of all...your confidence is growing.

Then, you'll be ready to tackle that book.