Thursday, March 6, 2014

How Do You Say Papa God in Spanish?

I just received my first reader letter regarding the Spanish version of my book, Too Blessed to be Stressed, which was released last month and is being distributed by Wal-Mart, Choice, CBD, LifeWay, and a host of national and international distributors under the Casa Promesa imprint of Barbour Books.

That in itself is a huge blessing - Barbour, who published my last six books, has marvelous and widespread distribution, but never before has one of my books received this much attention.

 Wow! Wal-Mart! For a writer, that's the big time! It's like a new actress being invited to appear on Good Morning America - woohoo!

But even more of a blessing is to hear from a reader that Papa God has used you as His instrument to touch a heart. That's why I do this. For me, that's what it's all about.

So this lovely gal, Dary, wrote a note to me in Spanish (to be expected, I suppose, from the reader of a Spanish book.) The run in my hose is that my Spanish vocabulary wouldn't fill a teacup. (Barbour hired a professional translator to format the book.)

Thankfully, I have a wonderful Hispanic friend who graciously translated Dary's letter for me. Dary wrote that Too Blessed to be Stressed has transformed her life. It has been a great blessing to her and has made her laugh a whole lot. She asked if I would "pretty please" have my other books translated into Spanish for the benefit of women like herself who are not fluent enough to read them in English.

Dary closed by thanking me for allowing myself to be "used by the Lord to help, uplift, and restore women."

Wow! If that doesn't light a fire in your writer's heart, the wood's wet!

Next up, the Bible Promise Book: Too Blessed to be Stressed Edition will be releasing in April. It's chock full of scripture related to all kinds of topics women deal with daily, including worry, simplifying, coping with loss, setting priorities, faith, worship, trust, and many more that were included in Too Blessed to be Stressed. It includes excerpts from my original book, but actually goes above and beyond what I had space to do, listing many, many additional Bible verses to help women stay afloat in the stress-pool of life by being encircled with the life preserver of Papa God's Truth.