Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lay A Big One On Me

I saw this image and immediately fell in love.

If you're a rabid reader like me, how can you NOT feel the embrace depicted here? The love affair with the written word and all the deep emotions, exciting adventures and undiscovered worlds it has the potential to deliver?

It's a strong writer who recognizes that potential and vows to do whatever it takes to open up that vast world of promise to the reader. 

As primarily a nonfiction writer, I bristle when someone implies that creativity and imagination apply only to fiction. Bah! That's like saying you can't put sugar on your vegetables, and we all know green beans have never tasted better than with a sweet sprinkle. (Spouse discovered this decades ago and we've had very few leftover beans since.)

Creative nonfiction is an art and must be nurtured and developed like any other art form. Presenting what could be wearisome, boring  facts in a fetching and interesting way is a challenge that many don't appreciate until they try to do it.

The series I'm currently writing, Barbour's Take On Life series, deals a lot with scripture, which some people find tedious and dry, but I never have. The challenge is to transfer the light and life and inspiration I derive from Papa God's Word onto the written page so that the reader is drawn into the excitement.

So that her heart is engaged.

So that the words of LIFE pop off the page and embrace her with its hope and love, much like the picture above.

So as a writer, how do you bring words to life? As a reader, what do you look for in a book that makes it breathe, have a pulse and scratch it's nose?