Thursday, April 25, 2013

Keeping Your Tank Full (Achieving Goals - Part 2)

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Refresh your memory of the first half of these goal-achieving tips by scrolling down to my last post.

Done? Okay. Here are the rest:

#6. Get up. Get out. Seek inspiration. And don't feel guilty about it. Read what you'd like to write, watch film versions of your favorite books. Get your creative blood pumping. Expand your possibilities.

#7. Get smart. Go to workshops and writing conferences, join online and live writing communities. The goals and achievements of other people will fuel your own. 

#8. Read your own best stuff. Remind yourself of your God-given gift and watch the magic reappear. Remotivation will inspire bold new goals and give you a kick in pants to go after them.

#9. Get a writing buddy. Someone who understands the craziness of the literary life. Meet regularly to share your goals and encourage each other to stick to them. Keep each other accountable.

#10. Celebrate successes, however small. Make a big deal out of achieving short-term and long-term goals. Splurge on a Dove bar when you finally finish today's 800-word goal. Buy yourself a new hat when you complete that manuscript. Take Spouse out to his favorite restaurant when you get an article accepted for publication.

Celebrating goals that you've worked to achieve will keep your tank thirsty for more fuel. And that's what will propel you over the finish line!

So, writerly friend, what fills your goal-setting tank?


Anonymous said...

Great reminders, Deb! Each time I hear from someone who reads one of my posts, the tank zooms back up to FULL. I find it also helps to work on my own forgiveness..when I don't meet my daily goals. Thank you for your encouragement! Rick Christensen