Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Self-Publishing Online

Many people are researching self-publishing these days so I thought you'd find this info interesting. 

Here are some check-list items for uploading your manuscript to Amazon, which were shared at a recent workshop I attended by Lisa and Gina Nardini, sisters who recently self-published the children's middle grade book, The Underwear Dare, available both print and e-copies.

The Nardini sisters made over $12,000 the first year their book was released, so I would say whatever they're doing, they're doing it right!\..

1. Edit thoroughly
2. Develop a website for your book
3. Update your Facebook page and start collecting friends
4. Start a Facebook page for fans of your book
5. Set up a Twitter account and a Blog
6. Prepare a Press Release
7. Order business cards and bookmarks
8. Pick a fictitious name for your publishing company
9. File paperwork for this fictitious company
10. Choose your front and back book covers
11. Develop a marketing plan; include giveaways (order at least 50 extra copies)
12. Start thinking about tags (key words that describe your book)
13. Come up with a great hook
14. Think of at least ten friends you can send your book to for a good review
15. Plan a Facebook launch party for your book

Now you're ready to upload to Amazon.

Here are a few more crucial things to do after your book releases

1. Donate copies to your local library.
2. Link to other good (similar) books on your website (this will drive traffic)
3. Put photos and all the books on your Amazon Author page on your bio.
4. When using Twitter, use hashtags frequently, your link, and retweet often
5. Follow connected authors on Twitter by searching hashtags
6. Use Listmania on Amazon for free advertising (get on a list of books similar to yours)
7. List up to 15 tags (key words that describe your book on Amazon); tag words in your title, subject, tie your book to other "big" books, etc.

So how about you? Are you considering self-publishing online?