Monday, October 11, 2010

Opportunites to Make $$ and Get Published

At our recent Florida Inspirational Writer's Retreat, author Cheri Cowell presented "Often Overlooked Opportunities to Get Published." With Cheri's permission, I'd like to share some of these with you.

Cheri pointed out the extremely helpful but seldom used section of Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide called "Topical Listing of Periodicals." Alphabetically listed are every online or offline publication that comes out weekly or monthly (hence the term periodical), divided by age group and topic. Many single article ideas can be tailored to more than one periodical if they are tweaked a bit and freshened by varying the slant.

This "literary regifting" technique is perfectly acceptable legally, morally and ethically, and is underused by up and coming authors seeking to expand their platform in acquiring clips and extra cash.

Other excellent ways to make a freelance living from writing while you're awaiting your big six-figure book deal are:

1. Book reviews (an estimated 100 paying peridocals SEEKING articles are listed); also many for music, video, concert and website reviews.
2. Writing Curriculum for Sunday School, Bible Studies, small groups and homeschool groups
3. Gift/Specialty items: greeting cards, games, gifts, journals, software, toys, novelty
3. Profiles/Celebrity Pieces
4. Photos: submit with or without an article
5. Fillers: puzzles, games, crafts, cartoons, facts, jokes, prayers, quotes, word puzzles, recipes, tips (fillers are in constant demand by almost every periodical that exists)

These are just a few of the creative ideas Cheri proposed; you may contact her at