Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everyday Miracles

I lunched with an aspiring writer friend today and her personal story really resonated with me. I bet it will with you, too.

Anna's (name changed) husband has been out of work for four long years, forcing Anna, previously a stay-at-home-mom of two, to return to the work force. Thus her longtime writing dream was necessarily shelved for the time being and Anna began cutting cost corners wherever she could.

During this "faith journey" as Anna refers to the last four years, she has been astounded how God took care of the needs of her family when solutions seemed out of reach. Human reach!

Like the time she had just finished pulling together tuna helper for dinner again, wondering aloud to God when it would ever end. Just as they sat down to eat, the doorbell rang. Standing there holding a huge roast and platter of potatoes was an acquaintaince - not really a friend - whom Anna barely knew.

"Just brought you a little something," she said. No explanation. No harp arpeggios. No rustle of angel wings.

Or when Anna's son wore a hole through his sneakers. "Let's try to make them last just a little longer," Anna whispered, knowing the monthly budget was already stretched to the breaking point.

The next day, a neighbor boy two years older appeared at the kitchen door holding a brand new pair of sneakers just the right size. "We're packing up to move and I found these in my closet. They hurt my feet so I never wore them - do you want them?"

Coincidences? Of course not. Everyday miracles from a Heavenly Father who cares.

I think similar everyday miracles occur in our writing lives as well. During those l-o-n-g waits for editors to respond to submitted manuscripts, when that book title just won't materialize in our brains, after receiving a royalty check for $4.36 ...

Papa God finds innovative ways to encourage us through everyday miracles. What everyday miracles have you seen?