Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a gift!

A few nuggets of wisdom from highly successful inspirational writers:

"If you're a new writer, just starting out on this incredible journey, face the fact that it easily can be a one-step forward, two-steps backward adventure.

Fortify yourself with plenty of prayer, patience, and perseverance - unless you're the exception, you'll eventually need a lion's share of each. Be prepared to deal with the bitter as well as the sweet. But don't let the frustrations and disappointments ever overshadow your joy in and your apprciation for tthe git you've been given.

And don't forget that it is a gift. Nothing more, nothing less."
~ BJ Hoff, best-selling author

" I used to compartmentalize my writing from my Christian life. I wrote secular romances with sex and profanity, and because I was publishing everything I wrote, I told myself God was blessing it. But He wasn't.

God never blesses sin, and my writing was not only sinful, I believe it led others into sin. After 32 books published, the Lord orchestrated things in my life to draw me back to Him. I finally realized that He wants every area of our lives. He had given me the gift of writing so that I could glorify Him, but I was using that gift to do just the opposite.

I got down on my knees and repented and told the Lord I didn't want to write anything else that didn't glorify Him. Since that time, He has blessed my work immensely. I wish I'd committed my writing to Him years earlier."
~ Terri Blackstock, best-selling author