Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Audio book now available

Beginning work on a new book is such an adrenaline rush. And then when the river ceases to surge, the realization of all the work before you slams you upside the head. A new emotion raises its fretful head. It's called anxiety.

Ironically, the new book creating such frazzled feelings is about dealing with stress. Maybe I'll be able to write a few new chapters based on the experience of actually writing the book. Kind of like singing a song about singing a song.

Anyway, the good news this week is the digital completion of my inspirational historical novel, The Distant Shore. A local actress and producer delivered an outstanding narration, bringing the characters to life with appropriate accents and inflections.

It's a wonderfully artistic rendition of the true story of young Emma-Lee Palmer, mysteriously banished from her family to an island in 1905. While there, she discovers a dark family secret and comes face to face with her worst fears in a life-or-death showdown of faith.

I'm so thrilled that The Distant Shore is now available on CD or MP3 (through my website and hope to make the sequel, Billowing Sails, available soon.

There's just something about hearing your story read aloud that brings chill bumps to your arms and a lump to your throat.