Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mt. Everest and Dreams

When you think of the number 17 and the Himalayan giant (world's tallest landmark, Mt. Everest) what comes to mind?

Perhaps you think of the number of expeditions that have succeeded? Maybe it's the number of base camps (or stopping points) along the way?

How about 17 as an age. No? Yes. The age of a kid from Malibu, CA who is aspiring to be the youngest Westerner ever to climb Mt. Everest (a 15 Nepalese Sherpa has the record at 15). His name is Johnny Strange and he is attempting to conquer the Seven Summits (the highest peaks on each continent).

I read about Johnny in an LA Times article today written by Pete Thomas and was blown away by the sense of purpose displayed by Johnny.

You can follow Johnny's quest at his blog here. I am.

And while I read Jon Krakauer's great book on Everest (Into Thin Air) and watched a reality show on TV (name escapes me) a while back, this is a story I am anxious to follow.

Here is a kid living out his dreams (acting on his ideas) at a very young age. And, while many of us are older than Johnny, the chance to live out our own dreams is still right there in front of us.

We just have to get going.

So, when will you get going?