Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Laugh

After flying in economy class back and forth from Hong Kong WAY too many times while we lived overseas, including one rather horrific experience when a man died sitting next to me enroute to Kuala Lumpur (I'll save that story for a rainy day blog), I am a reluctant, grouchy passenger. Flying really isn't much fun anymore. It's serious business.

But...I was on a flight recently and got more than I paid for.

A good laugh!

The plane took off and the flight attendant launched into the typical "If in an emergency..." speech that most people zone out on (except for my friend Kim...the only one I know who listens, with bated breath, for instructions to handle any airborne emergency. However, Kim also refers to herself as an HP...short for Hysterical Parent. But...I digress).

So the flight attendant started her spiel, and it was the funniest stand-up comedy routine that I've ever heard! She could be on The Tonight Show. A smooth delivery, confident and bold. Outrageous, too. "Do what we say and nobody gets hurt!" she warned.

If a passenger made a comment like that, they'd be spending the day in the airport security office under a glaring flourescent lightbulb.

It was fun to remember that travel can and should be fun. It is a privilege, really. And laughing so hard started our trip off on a great note.

A good laugh, especially an unexpected one (like on an airplane), is priceless. We can do that as writers, too.

Well-written, well-placed words can make a difference.