Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Standing in a bookstore yesterday, clutching an armful of Grit for the Oyster books, I waited on the manager to finish checking out a line of customers. My goal was to convince her to stock Grit for the Oyster on her shelves, that it was a unique, incredibly encouraging book that would inspire aspiring and not-so-new writers to follow their calling with renewed vigor. I was prepared to unload both cannons on that hapless manager, to bombard her with my spiel until she held up her hands in surrender and ordered a stockpile.

But I never had to fire a shot.

As is my habit (and if it's not yours, it should become one), I began chatting with a bored customer standing in line at the cash register and it turned out that she was an aspiring writer. As was the man behind her who eagerly joined in the conversation. The dazed manager watched, mesmerized, as I informed those very interested customers (who wanted to purchase Grit right then and there) that I would be happy to sign copies for them because I was sure the store would be carrying my books, why, perhaps this very day.


The point is that golden promotional opportunities are often right beneath our noses. If we're paying attention and capitalize on them before the moment passes. And best of all, we can save the big ammo for another day!

Debora M. Coty
Author or co-author of 9 books and over 80 articles


Faith said...

Way to go, Deb!