Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The God Whisperer

I'd like to share with you a wonderful poem by lovely gal and up and coming writer, Leslie Seabury, "The Heart Lady" (

The God Whisperer

I have a book that I want you to write;
I'll give you the words in the midst of the night.

Shouldn't I sleep, Lord, don't I need the rest?
Just listen to me, Child, for I know what's best.

During the day there's just too much to do;
How would you hear what I whisper to you?

When everything's quiet and everything's still,
That's when you'll hear me say what is my will.

For you I will use in a most special way
To tell all my people what I have to say.

Others will help you, I'm calling them now;
They'll guide you with knowledge and show you just how.

They, too, love Jesus, their hearts see the light;
I'm calling them now, in the midst of the night.

So dear one, be patient, stay willing and true;
With their help and Jesus, I'm working through you.

I'm honored you chose me, and I'll do my best
To search for the others you say are the rest.

But how will I know them? Will there be a sign?
You'll know by their whispers that they, too, are mine.

Continue to do what it is you do best,
And I will take care, Child, of all of the rest.

Copyright 2009 Leslie Seabury
Used by permission. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Who is she? I want to hear more.